My little dog shop

The creation of my little store was born out of the love for my dogs. I'm an Interior Designer by discipline with an ever wandering eye for the interesting, creative and unique. I also fancy myself to be a bit of a craft nerd, so when I came upon a dog collar kit I thought, "this might be fun to try..." The first collar I made was good...but basic. I wanted to make something different, something truly special...and so began my search for interesting ribbons to make more collars with!
Eventually I had all the dogs on my block wearing my collars. I would receive several kind comments and compliments from strangers and friends alike. Soon requests for custom collars started to come in.

One listing on Etsy led to another and voila! - Stinky and Sweet Pea was born!

My business is small but growing. I may tire from a hard day of design at the office however; I never seem to tire from heading straight to my sewing machine and sewing well into the night.
It's a sign that I truly must love doing this, right?

Success for me is not about the money - it's about the smiles on the faces of all of my customers and the extended love they give to their dogs. The love and relationship that a person has with their dog is priceless.

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